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    30 Years of Natural Resource Planning and Management

Company Mission

We strive to provide environmentally sound planning and management options tailored for the individual needs and goals of our clients with the highest quality service possible.

Leaders in Northern California Environmental Planning and Management

With an emphasis on sustainable natural resource development, our team proactively works to protect environmental resources while developing economically sound management practices. With nearly 30 years of working with private landowners, conservation organizations, and government agencies our diverse team of professionals has delivered tailored natural resource planning and management services to over 200 clients throughout northern California.


Company History

Founded in 1995 by California Registered Professional Forester (RPF) Randall Jacobszoon, Jacobszoon Forest Consulting (JFC) focused on the design and administration of long-term and sustainable private forest management and timberland appraisal and development. Over the years, JFC grew to manage over 20,000 acres of privately held forestland for non-industrial landowners.

In 2007, recognizing a growing and diverse client base and project portfolio, JFC became Jacobszoon and Associates. With a broader focus on comprehensive natural resource planning and management, Jacobszoon and Associates expanded its focus to include fish and wildlife surveying, botanical assessment, ecological restoration, and timberland appraisal and development.

In early 2018, with years of steady growth and a diverse team of over 10 professionals, Jacobszoon and Associates incorporated becoming Jacobszoon and Associates, Inc. Now offering Humboldt, Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake and Napa counties comprehensive natural resource and land management services we have become leaders in Northern California environmental planning and management.  


Company Culture

Since the founding of our company, Jacobszoon and Associates, Inc. has emphasized the sustainable development and economic viability of the northern California community. We believe in responsible utilization of our natural resources and the protection of the environment through sound management practices.

Our dedication to our community and the environment unites our team around core values and a commitment to meeting the ever changing needs and demands placed on the northern California region.