• Trent Snyder

    Water Quality Specialist

Trent Snyder
Water Quality

Since joining Jacobszoon and Associates in May 2018, Trent has worked as part of our water quality team dealing with water quality management for cannabis cultivators. He primarily develops environmental documents required for the permitting process such as, Site Management Plans for SWRCB, Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreements for CDFW, site plans, and small irrigation use permits. Overall, his job entails environmental assessments, and the development of management plans and/or small-scale restoration projects to reduce sediment input to receiving waters.

Prior to working at Jacobszoon and Associates, Trent worked on a marine restoration project in Belize, conducting reef monitoring for Caye Caulker Fisheries Department. He has also worked for Versar, where he led a mapping program for BLM in Ridgecrest. This job was primarily a monitoring program for disturbed areas and areas that had received restoration work. Trent would visit known disturbances, map them, and prescribe restoration measures to BLM. He would also visit ongoing restoration projects to assess their effectiveness and make recommendations to improve upon them. Trent also has experience as a soil scientist and building inspector. Under this title, he would lead geotechnical investigations in order to recommend appropriate building foundations for a proposed structure given the soil type. He would also monitor construction work in the field to assure that things were constructed in compliance with the company's recommendations.

Trent holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Humboldt State University and as Associate of Science degree in Liberal Arts: Math and Science from Fullerton College.

You can contact Trent at (707) 485-5544 ext 114 or by email at [email protected]