• Professional Forestry

    Managing Forests for the Future

As one of northern California’s most remarkable natural resource, trees provide a wide range of benefits to our region. When sustainably and responsibly managed, this natural resource can provide for our community for generations to come.

Managing over 10,000 acres of private non-industrial forestland, sustainable and long term management of forests has been the cornerstone of our company since it’s founding nearly 25 years ago.

Today our Foresters work with a diverse client base including private non-industrial forestland owners and ranchers, industrial timber management companies, Timber Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs), non-profit organizations, and government agencies to provide environmentally sound and economically viable management options.

Our Foresters work closely with California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) Foresters and staff and are able to leverage the in-house expertise and experience from our wildlife, water quality, and restoration teams to provide the best service possible and to ensure project success.

We have extensive experience in developing timber harvest exemptions and emergencies including 'less than three acres conversion' for home site, vineyard, and/or agricultural development, 'dead, dying and diseased exemption' for trees damaged by insects, disease, and/or fire, 'hazardous tree reduction exemption' to reduce the risk of fire, and 'notice of emergency timber operations' for forests severely damaged by wildfires.

Our forestry services go beyond simply obtaining permits. We design, plan, administer, and manage all aspects of our forestry projects.


Core Services

Redwood Stand

Timber Inventories and Forestland Appraisals


Forestland is a unique asset that requires specialized expertise to determine comprehensive valuation. Our foresters thoroughly understand all aspects of valuation and fires principals.

Harvested Trees on landings by the forest road

Timber Harvest Plans (THP) and Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans (NTMP)


We have developed and administered hundreds of timber management plans throughout the northern California region for private landowners, including both non-industrial and industrial ownerships. Our goal is to balance environmental protection and economic viability throughout the development and administration of our projects.

Looking out over a Mendocino forest tree tops

Disturbed Area Management Plans


All too often a private landowner will unknowingly develop or illegally convert timberland or protected fish and wildlife habitat for other uses. We have extensive experience working with landowners to develop and administer management plans to restore these disturbed areas and resources.

Close up of old growth tree

Carbon Cruising and Sequestration Analysis


Recognizing the high value of offsetting the environmental impacts of their activities, individuals and organizations often look to protect their forests. Putting ones forestland on the carbon credit market exchange is an excellent option for those who wish to generate an economic return for preserving their forest landscape. We have participated in numerous carbon inventory and analysis projects for non-profit organizations and private landowners.

Creek in redwood forest surrounded by ferns

Forestland Conservation Easements


We have worked both for conservation organizations and private landowners to assess and negotiate easement terms and conditions to maximize return and ensure the highest level of conservation possible. Environmental conservation programs are very popular with non-profit organizations.

Looking at vineyard with blue sky and barns in background

Timberland Conversion and Development Projects


The conversion of timberland to another use is a major land use issue in California. Due to the urban expansion and changes in the economic viability of different communities (timber, housing, cattle, and grapes) a shift in land uses has occurred. Our company has successfully developed more than a dozen timberland conversion project while balancing the clients goals and our responsibility as environmental stewards.

Trees killed by fire

Fire Prevention and Management Plans


Rural California is a high threat region for forest fires. Our company is well equipped to design and implement fuel reduction options that are both financially viable and ensure the safety of life and property.