• Rebecca Spranger

    Environmental Technician

Biological and Botanical


Since joining Jacobszoon and Associates, Inc., Rebecca has performed botanical and biological assessments, nesting bird surveys, bullfrog surveys and eradication for projects requiring compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). 

Prior to joining Jacobszoon and Associates, Inc., she worked with other environmental consulting companies where she has implemented best management practices (BMPs) and Environmental Protection Plans (ERP) for several projects including Inland Branch 2020 Fire Emergency Clean-Up Response Program and Replace Existing Water Main at Tracen Petaluma. Ms. Spranger has done previous work in restoration ecology and monitoring at CDFW and Max Plank Institute. She monitored woodrat population, both trapping and tagging, while also conducting vegetation surveys and training field personnel. Rebecca has also been in a leadership role as a crew leader for the CA Conservation Corp., making her extremely familiar with identifying and removing hazard trees and invasive flora. She has worked on several projects ranging from erosion control, trail maintenance, fuel reduction, and fire suppression, which benefited from the skill of assessing tree hazards. 

Rebecca Spranger received a Bachelor of Science degree in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology from UC Davis in 2018 and has obtained a wide range of knowledge of California flora and fauna, rangeland ecology, and habitat management. She is an Environmental Technician at Jacobszoon and Associates, Inc., and has a plethora of experience conducting pre-construction surveys and monitoring crews for environmental compliance regarding sensitive species. 


You can reach Rebecca at (707) 485-5544 or by email at [email protected]