• Jennifer Hawley

    Environmental Scientist/Wildlife Biologist

Jennifer Hawley
Biological and Botanical

Jennifer started with Jacobszoon and Associates in March 2018, as part of our water quality team, which includes being a third-party inspector for the State Water Resources Control board. In addition, she conducts biological surveys, botanical surveys for THPs, as well as mapping Spotted Owl habitats for THPs.

Jennifer brings over 20 years experience in wildlife biology prior to working with Jacobszoon and Associates. She has worked in Mendocino County since 2011, primarliy in conjunction with the Willits Bypass project, conducting pre-construction nesting surveys, rare plant surveys (Baker's meadowfoam and north coast semaphore grass), and mitigation compliance botanical surveys. 

Before moving to Mendocino County, Jennifer worked with a variety of species in many diverse habitats. These include: Northern Spotted Owl, Northern Goshawk, and Red Tree Vole in California, Palila in Hawaii, Red Wolf in Smoky Mountains National Park, Green-rumped Parrotlet in Venezuela, Great-horned Owl in Montana, Preble's Jumping Mouse in Colorado, and a variety of amphibian species in Yosemite National Park.

Jennifer holds a Master of Science degree in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Wildlife, from Humboldt State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana.

Publications & Publications

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Master’s Thesis: http://www.fs.fed.us/psw/publications/4251/onlinewild.html

Presentation of Thesis: Variation in Four-note Location Calls of Male Spotted Owls (Strix occidentalis). 

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June 2018 FOOTHILL YELLOW-LEGGED FROG WORKSHOP; ECOLOGY, MANAGEMENT, AND REGULATION – Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA. Presented by: The Wildlife Society, Dr. Sarah Kupferberg, Jamie Bettaso, Ryan Peek, Ryan Bourque, Don Ashton, and Ivan Parr. Attended 3 days of lecture and 6 hours of field experience; included handling of Rana boylii adult frogs under permit SC-010483, observation of both habitat and tadpole of Ascaphus truei (coastal tailed frog), and observation of collection, habitat, and larval individuals of Rhyacotriton variegates (southern torrent salamander).

March 2018 CALIFORNIA TIGER SALAMANDER AND RARE POND SPECIES SURVEY TECHNIQUES WORKSHOP – Laguna de Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, CA. Presented by Jeff Alvarez and David Cook. Received practical training and review on the terrestrial ecology, biology, migrations patterns, land use management and regulations regarding Ambystoma californiense (California tiger salamander), Emys marmorata (western pond turtle), and Rana draytonii (California red-legged frog).  Surveyed for larval salamanders with nets and handled and measured larval salamanders.   

October 2017 EIR/EIS PREPARATION and REVIEW WORKSHOP - UC Davis, Davis, CA. Presented by Terry Rivasplata and Meagan Smith, J.D. Received an overview of CEQA and NEPA, as well as methods for meeting the requirements of both. Introduced to the key content requirements and standards for a combined EIR/EIS document. Discussed how to ensure the EIR/EIS notice and review process complies with the procedural requirements and how to resolve potential conflicts.

June 2017 GRASS IDENTIFICATION WORKSHOP – Hopland Research and Extension Center, Hopland, CA. Presented by Geri Hulse-Stephens and Kerry Heise. The workshop consisted of teaching about the botanical components of the grass family, identifying botanical characteristics, a botanical walk, and keying grasses,

July 2016 USFWS POINT ARENA MOUNTAIN BEAVER TRAINING – Pt. Arena, CA. Attended USFWS  formal training course  (taught by Gregory Schmidt)  for the detection, monitoring  and project mitigation for the endangered Aplodontia rufa nigra (Point Arena Mountain Beaver; PAMB).  Earned official USFWS certification to now survey for PAMB.

May 2015 SPECIAL STATUS AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES OF NORTHERN CA – UC Davis, Davis, CA Presented by Sean Barry. Attended one day course examining the identification, survey techniques, distribution, natural history, ecology, and conservation status of all of the approximately 20 northern California amphibian and reptile species and subspecies listed as threatened or endangered by the CDFW and/or the USFWS.

March 2015 CA TIGER SALAMANDER TERRESTRIAL ECOLOGY WORKSHOP – Laguna de Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, CA Presented by D. Cook and J. Alvarez. Received practical training and review on the terrestrial ecology,  biology, migrations patterns, land use management, and regulations regarding CTS. Visited 3 CTS roadway tunnel systems and installed pitfall traps with a fencing array to learn sampling techniques for terrestrial amphibians.

You can contact Jennifer at (707) 485-5544 ext 112 or by email at [email protected]